Fat Loss Facts is a information and product resource site to educate and help you in your quest for a healthier lifestyle.

We at Fat Loss Facts buy and evaluate products and courses that are designed to help you lose fatĀ  and tone and gain muscle to speed your metabolism to keep the fat off.

There are a many products on the web that are promoted as fat burners and weight loss enhancers that are no more than old time snake oil potions, we try our best to sort out what actually works and what is a waste of money. This also applies to some of the exercise machines that are advertised as the holy grail of fat loss and muscle building. Some do work but most of them aren’t worth buying.

The products and resources that we do promote and highlight we actually use or have used to prove that they do what they say they will.

The products and resources that we promote, on some we may receive compensation from, this is after the products have been tested and proven.

Keep in mind that when using any weight loss, vitamin, muscle building supplement, or exercise program you must actually use them as directed and do so consistently to see results, there are no miracle fat loss pills.