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We at Fat Loss Facts are dedicated to sponsoring products that science and testing have shown to be effective for most people if the user of the product follows the products directions.

This applies to vitamin supplements, weight loss supplements and diet plans, it also applies to exercise and work out routines. The program or plan, routine must be implemented and followed on a consistent basis to see results.

To lose fat and tone and gain muscle mass is a life style change. There are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss and gaining muscle. You must consume less calories than you burn in a day to lose fat and should strive for about a 1/2 lb of fat loss a day, when combined with a weight bearing exercise program you will lose fat and increase muscle mass which will increase body metabolism to help burn the fat.

Following a proven diet and exercise program over time you will lose fat and tone muscle and in doing so, for most people you will also decrease your risk of heart decease and diabetes.


The use of nutritional supplements and the benefits from them will vary with the individual, their health, their life style and their age are just some of the variables that are involved.
Always check with your Dr. before using any supplement whether it’s weight loss, nutritional supplements or some form of muscle gaining supplement.

Weight and fat loss varies by individual, a 1/2 pound of fat lose per day should be a target goal.
It takes time and effort to lose weight, it is a life style change. This means you will change your eating habits that caused the weight loss in the first place and for the best results you will use some form of exercise program. Weight bearing exercises usually work best for fat loss as muscle is your fat burning furnace, meaning your bodies metabolism is higher for a longer period of time, than doing strictly cardio exercises.

Gaining muscle from weight lifting and other weight bearing exercises varies with the individual, their diet, motivation, the type of lifting program, and how closely one follow the program guide lines.
This will determine how much muscle you will gain and how much fat you will lose.

Always consult with your Dr. before starting a weight loss or exercise program or nutritional supplement program.

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